Over the years, the Montessori method of teaching has gained a lot of attention. However, this type of teaching utilizes a very different method from the traditional one and it’s application still remains as controversial for others. But what was Montessori school really all about?

The word Montessori was from the name of Dr. Maria Montessori who was an Anthropology professor in Rome in the early 1900’s. She strongly believed that a children can best learned through actual activities. She came with the new philosophy regarding child education, and her philosophy and methodology in teaching focuses on stimulating the environment, because he believed that this is how children can learn more. According to her own philosophy, a teacher is more of a “keeper of the environment” and helps in creating one that will really suit the needs of her students.

The Montessori method is used in the teaching and training of West Palm Beach massage therapists at Fleur de Paris Spa. Massage therapy west palm beach style is passed along to their therapists in a Montessori fashion, using Montessori methods, as the people at Fleur de Paris Spa believe it’s the best way to provide the necessary training.

The difference between traditional schools into a Montessori schools, is that in a traditional classrooms, children are typically grouped together according to their age and then do the same activities and work. While in a Montessori classroom, children from different ages follows an open concept style, doing different works and activities. Usually, lessons were given for a small group of children, while the other groups were either studying or working on their own activities. This is an effective way to broaden their individual and social development.

Moreover, in a traditional school, teachers usually gives all the information and strictly the corresponding books that was provided by the school. In a Montessori school, the teachers act as more of a guide and they often use other conventional tools aside from books.

Montessori schools are more proactive than the traditional one. They strongly emphasize on coming on your own theory and testing out. The Montessori method believes that children learn the most buy focusing and concentrating. Thus, the role of instructors was more on observing and guiding rather than dictating or lecturing. They typically let the child work on their own while observing their learning process and assisting them with their questions.
By observing of what the child does, the teacher will be able to identify the skills that they need and find a way to show it to them. The main core of a Montessori school is that the any child is capable and interested to learn by themselves.

Montessori schools, nowadays, are commonly elementary or junior high schools. And one of the reason why there a lot of Montessori elementary and middle schools this is due to the theory that states that children has very absorbent mind from birth up to the age of six. The theory says that at this age, children have an unlimited motivation to learn and develop skills.Children at these ages are also very curious with their environment, and if encourage to pursue their interest at this tender age, it can definitely turn into a life long habit.

There are many things that you should look and examine if you are searching for a Montessori school for your child. Make sure to check them personally and observe first hand how their teaching method works. There are plenty of schools out there that will surely do good on your child.